Things Socially Anxious Introverts Do

Things Socially Anxious Introverts Do

Socially anxious introverts can do some weird things. Although, if you are a socially anxious introvert, these things might seem pretty normal.

I know this because I do (or don’t do) a lot of things that others have no problem with but I find incredibly difficult.

Social anxiety and introversion are two distinct, yet related, traits that can impact a person’s behaviour and well-being.

Social anxiety refers to a persistent fear of negative judgment and rejection in social situations. Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a preference for solitary activities and a decreased desire for social stimulation.

While not everyone who experiences social anxiety is introverted, and vice versa, many introverts struggle with social anxiety.

This post aims to explore the common behaviours of socially anxious introverts and the reasons behind them.

By understanding these behaviours, we hope to provide insight and support for those who may be struggling with social anxiety and introversion.